Historic Homes of Longmeadow

418 Longmeadow Street (#12 The Cooley-Eveleth House -1827)
418 Longmeadow Street (#12 The Cooley-Eveleth House -1827)

This classic Federal style house was built in 1827 by Calvin Cooley. The bricks used in building the house were made at the site using clay that was from the meadows by the River. The house was extensively restored in 1937. The tin roof was replaced by slate from the roof of Springfield's original town hall.  There are five fireplaces in the house. One of these fireplaces has its original Dutch oven intact. Many of the windowpanes are of the original hand blown glass. The second floor has original wide pine boards with hand-made nails. James Cooley, who lived here, was the first American charge d'affaires to Peru. His son, N. Saxton Cooley, served in the Civil War and was the president of Medlicott Mills in Springfield in 1907.

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