About Our Club

We maintain a busy schedule of varied activities that provide opportunities for children and Moms to socialize, build friendships, learn and grow together.  

We schedule most activities during the day, when many Moms need the most support.  Children are welcome at all events, with the exception of Moms Night Out and Book Club meetings.  There are frequent kids-free events for Moms in the evening and occasional weekend events for Moms that are not available during the day.  We also have a special group for Moms with spouses who are frequently away.  

We use Big Tent, a group forum website, to manage our events and provide a way for members to engage in friendly discussions and share information.  

We send out a monthly newsletter and calendar with event information and club news.   We work to strengthen the community with multiple community service projects throughout the year.

Membership Dues

We know raising a family can mean making financial sacrifices, so our membership dues are only $25 per year.   Your dues go towards expenses such as administrative costs, event planning, facility rental fees and International MOMS Club® dues.

International MOMS Club®

We are a chapter of the International MOMS Club®, a nonprofit corporation and 501 (C)(3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS.   

International MOMS Club® has over 1,500 chapters with more than 100,000 members across the United States.   

Our chapter is supported by a volunteer Regional Coordinator, who is an experienced MOMS Club® Mom that is available to help our club in any way.
*International MOMS Club®, made of many regional MOMS entities, provides protocol for our club.
** Neither International MOMS Club® nor MOMS Club® of Longmeadow, MA endorses advertisers if any on this website.

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